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November 22, 2016 traininggoddess No comments exist

One thing that I’ve learned early being in the training is that a trainer MUST love to learn. So, that’s what I’ve been doing over the past few days (well, really it’s an ongoing process) with the 7 Day Teachable Summit Webinar Training. I’ve had the amazing opportunity to listen to and learn from some phenomenal experts and speakers in the training industry who are helping us to learn how to deliver the best in online training – whether it’s webinars or virtual training courses. It’s been quite an experience and I’ve already started to apply what I’m learning. Whether it’s how to build an email list, how to create awesome video, how to write. It’s all clearly explained with many additional resources provided for after the webinar. I’m thoroughly impressed. Thanks, Teachable Team!


August 1, 2016 traininggoddess No comments exist

Well, here it is…the final video in my Office Integration series: PowerPoint to Excel (and back :-)). This video shares how to use Excel when providing tables with numbers that require calculation – which PowerPoint doesn’t natively do – and then how to return the finished calculations back into PowerPoint. Enjoy!

May 10, 2016 traininggoddess No comments exist

I’ve been busy creating a few more tutorials in my Office Integration series:

Outlook to Word: This video explains how to take information in Outlook Contacts and merge into a new or existing Word document. We can select the contacts using the Categories feature and filter the contacts based on criteria in a field such as City. We learn how to perform merging from Outlook and then we learn how to do it from Word pulling the contact information in and creating mailing labels.

Word to Outlook: In this video we learn how to create our signature in Word taking advantage of more available features to enhance the signature such as inserting hyperlinks on graphics, using tables to structure the signature and being able to easily return to the Word document to update the signature


Here’s the complete list of videos to date:

Stay tuned for the following videos:

  • Part 5a Excel to PowerPoint
  • Part 5b PowerPoint to Excel

Please feel free to contact me if you have ideas of videos you’d like to see made.


February 11, 2016 traininggoddess No comments exist

Check out my newest YouTube video tutorial showing how to create a label sheet by simply changing the first label and refreshing. This method allows for easier formatting changes within the label including adding graphics that you want to repeat to the rest of the sheet, no matter how many are available. Enjoy!