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September 22, 2017 traininggoddess No comments exist

Even though I’m not a teacher it’s really nice to be back to the new school year because being in training industry, our busy times of year are the same as regular grade and high schools. So, I have nice relaxing summers and holiday seasons like regular teachers. Sweet!


So, with that, I’m updating my website content to share lots of new awesome tools and resources for both computer learners and trainers.


I’ve updated the PowerPoint Training and Learning Quotations presentation I created with lots of fun and interesting quotations about training and learning. Check it out! And for my fellow trainers out there, feel free to download my Lesson Plan Template and customize it to your needs.


So, thanks for stopping by!

September 21, 2017 traininggoddess No comments exist

As I continue to expand my video creation and editing skills and apply the learning to my own videos, I’m enjoying the process of sharing my knowledge and skills with others. In particular, I love the application OneNote and have implemented it fully in my work and personal life. So, I’ve decided to focus a bit more on this application simply because it’s so versatile! It’s become a ‘one-stop shop’ for all the information I need to manage and store for easy access when I’m ready to use it.

So here it is – enjoy!

February 28, 2017 traininggoddess No comments exist

Hope your 2017 is going well! It’s been a great 2017 so far!


As I continue to develop online YouTube tutorials and Udemy courses, I’ve been learning all about video editing and production in Camtasia. There’s so much to know, so little time! I had no idea it would be so interesting and so much fun! I even tried out the ‘green screen’ effects so swap out my video background with a custom image. I’m also working on more special effects to make my videos more compelling and easier to watch.

Here are the Udemy courses I’ve taken so far:


I’ve been expanding our skills and course offering to provide the newest versions of Office – Office 365/Office 2016 as well as SharePoint, Skype for Business, OneDrive and other cloud-based applications. The technology is evolving and many companies are jumping on board to take advantage of the features that allow users to access their office files on any device, collaborate in real time and organize their workflow for greater productivity. The office is evolving to keep pace.


I’m also setting up an online store so that I can share some goodies with visitors! These will include digital downloads such as:

  • Quick Reference Guides
  • Optimized Quick Access Toolbars
  • eBooks
  • Tips & Tricks to be more effective in each application
  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint templates

Many will be free! The more powerful tools will be modestly priced. Stay tuned!



December 12, 2016 traininggoddess No comments exist

At this time of year most technology training slows down unless, of course, a client is looking to use up the last of the training budget. That can be a real bonus if you happen to get hired for it, but it can also create last minute stress at a time when you’re preparing for your own festivities.


November 22, 2016 traininggoddess No comments exist

One thing that I’ve learned early being in the training is that a trainer MUST love to learn. So, that’s what I’ve been doing over the past few days (well, really it’s an ongoing process) with the 7 Day Teachable Summit Webinar Training. I’ve had the amazing opportunity to listen to and learn from some phenomenal experts and speakers in the training industry who are helping us to learn how to deliver the best in online training – whether it’s webinars or virtual training courses. It’s been quite an experience and I’ve already started to apply what I’m learning. Whether it’s how to build an email list, how to create awesome video, how to write. It’s all clearly explained with many additional resources provided for after the webinar. I’m thoroughly impressed. Thanks, Teachable Team!