Office Integration – More video tutorials available!

I’ve been busy creating a few more tutorials in my Office Integration series:

Outlook to Word: This video explains how to take information in Outlook Contacts and merge into a new or existing Word document. We can select the contacts using the Categories feature and filter the contacts based on criteria in a field such as City. We learn how to perform merging from Outlook and then we learn how to do it from Word pulling the contact information in and creating mailing labels.

Word to Outlook: In this video we learn how to create our signature in Word taking advantage of more available features to enhance the signature such as inserting hyperlinks on graphics, using tables to structure the signature and being able to easily return to the Word document to update the signature


Here’s the complete list of videos to date:

  • Part 1a Outlook to Excel
  • Part 1b Excel to Outlook
  • Part 2a Outlook to Word
  • Part 2b Word to Outlook
  • Part 3a Word to Excel
  • Part 3b Excel to Word
  • Part 4a Word to PowerPoint
  • Part 4b PowerPoint to Word

Stay tuned for the following videos:

  • Part 5a Excel to PowerPoint
  • Part 5b PowerPoint to Excel

Please feel free to contact me if you have ideas of videos you’d like to see made.


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