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August 1, 2016 traininggoddess No comments exist

Well, here it is…the final video in my Office Integration series: PowerPoint to Excel (and back :-)). This video shares how to use Excel when providing tables with numbers that require calculation – which PowerPoint doesn’t natively do – and then how to return the finished calculations back into PowerPoint. Enjoy!

March 1, 2016 traininggoddess No comments exist

So I’ve uploaded my first two of 10 in a series showing people how to integrate the Office applications and take advantage of features to share and swap data between them. I’m amazed at how many people don’t know how to do this!

Here’s my channel:

Using Office Integration Features – 10 Examples

  • Part 1a – Outlook to Excel

  • Part 1b – Excel to Outlook

  • Part 2a – Outlook to Word
  • Part 2b – Word to Outlook
  • Part 3a – Word to Exce
  • Part 3b – Excel to Word
  • Part 4a – Word to PowerPoint
  • Part 4b – PowerPoint to Word
  • Part 5a – Excel to PowerPoint
  • Part 5b – PowerPoint to Excel

I’m also working on developing my courses for Udemy and have submitted my test video. I’m looking forward to providing full-fledged courses for my students. So, it’s been a busy time!

Stay tuned for more awesome videos!

Keep learning!