Office 2019 – Here I come!

It’s been quite a year since 2018 began and I wrote my last post. I’ve travelled all over Ontario on my permaculture design certification adventure from spring to summer. I even got to Ireland in March 2019 during St. Patrick’s Day celebration where I met a family growing their own permaculture operation which included goats and chickens as well. It was a dream of a lifetime!

But this coming summer, I’ll be returning to growing my computer training business, which I love and will always continue doing even as I explore my passion – permaculture. With that in mind, I have plans to create an entirely new series of videos for the new Office 2019 application suite which came out last year, but I’ve only recently been able to dive into. There’s LOTS of new things to learn!

Aside from that, I’m going to build additional Udemy courses now that I’ve finally got my ‘feet wet’ last year. It was quite challenging, and I’m super proud that I did it, but I realized that if I want to do it properly, I really have to build up a substantial library of content first. Then, I need to create a plan – yay MindMaps! – that I can realistically implement in a methodical process while balancing lots of other projects.

It feels good to get back to familiar ground with all of the intensive learning I’ve been doing. With an ongoing and regular training project providing a predictable source of income, I’m able to commit to more activities and networking that is a lot more productive.

So, with this post, I hope you enjoy a lovely summer wherever you are and drop me a line sometime and share what you’re learning and where you’re hoping to expand your horizons. Take care!

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