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June 28, 2018 traininggoddess No comments exist
Radically Easy Microsoft Office Integration – SparQ Corporate Training Udemy Course

I’m ecstatic to have finally created my first complete Udemy course. It was based on a series of YouTube videos that I had created in 2016. OMG, I can’t believe it was that long ago! It was a long process of re-narrating each of the 14 videos covering the various topics. Then I had to package it all up, put together the data files for the student to download so they could practice the skills and organize it in a way that made sense. Then I followed the formula to design the landing page and voila! It’s now selling and I’ve already received a review and payment for my course.

I gave away free coupons to a number of people on my LinkedIn profile so I’m up to 118 students. I’m excited to see that much response out of about 700 emails sent.

Now, I have to begin planning additional videos for that course and then start working on my next Udemy course. I’m so much less intimidated now that I have the one course finally uploaded.

So, if you’re reading this, guess what! You get a free coupon, too! Enjoy!


May 14, 2018 traininggoddess No comments exist

Well, folks, Here’s an exciting update on my future as a trainer/instructor. I’m going to be studying over the next year as a Permaculture Designer working towards my certification. I’ll continue to deliver computer training and online courses and YouTube videos. However, gardening and farming have become my passion in the past few years and I’m hoping to gradually begin mentoring families and communities on sustainable food production and distribution.

In order to expand my horizons, I’ve been spending time working with farmers and growers in the Ontario region as a volunteer – primarily on organic farms – to get real world experience in farming practices. I’m excited!

If this sounds interesting, check out the following links to learn more:

January 23, 2018 traininggoddess No comments exist

2017 has been a challenging year – but it feels great to be back in the saddle again. I’ve been busy over the past few weeks planning new videos and courses as well as quick reference guides and other great resources to share. I’m thrilled to share my latest videos here:

September 22, 2017 traininggoddess No comments exist

Even though I’m not a teacher it’s really nice to be back to the new school year because being in training industry, our busy times of year are the same as regular grade and high schools. So, I have nice relaxing summers and holiday seasons like regular teachers. Sweet!


So, with that, I’m updating my website content to share lots of new awesome tools and resources for both computer learners and trainers.


I’ve updated the PowerPoint Training and Learning Quotations presentation I created with lots of fun and interesting quotations about training and learning. Check it out! And for my fellow trainers out there, feel free to download my Lesson Plan Template and customize it to your needs.


So, thanks for stopping by!