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Over the past few weeks and months, as I continue to develop my skills and move into a new career direction – developing online courses and tutorials – I’ve come across some pretty cool online resources that I thought I’d share with my fellow trainers:

Online software resources

Instructor Training

  • Moodle MOOC Training – free Train-the-Trainer online courses to learn about delivering both synchronous and asynchronous training. Moodle is a highly sophisticated free course development platform.

General Tech and Management Skills Training – FREE

You may already be familiar with some of these, but just in case.

  • Coursera – learn virtually anything online. One of the most popular and very well designed. I took a few courses and really appreciated how well structured the content was.
  • Khan Academy – One of the most reputable free course platforms on the internet offering college and university level courses. Pay only if you want to earn a diploma/degree
  • EdX – Similar to Khan Academy

Online Course Platforms

These are some of the more popular platforms should you decide you want to develop your own video tutorials or courses

  • Udemy – Over 7 million members and counting. It’s easy to become an instructor and begin offering paid courses. They market your courses for you and have regular promotions. Some instructors are earning $30,000/month. Yes. A MONTH. Excellent way to develop a passive income, though it takes time to ramp up, once you’ve established yourself, it becomes very easy to market new courses to your existing students.
  • Thinkific – up and coming online course  platform with outstanding instructor support. They have tiered instructor memberships so you can decide how much you’d like to earn on your courses
  • SkillSuccess – another online course platform. I haven’t worked with them yet, so not sure if they’re good, but I’ll still check them out.
  • – The largest online tutorial site, but they don’t allow just any instructors to sign up. Monthly membership.

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Feel free to share any online resources related to training in a reply! With thanks!

Enjoy and happy training!

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