Posted by traininggoddess on February 28, 2017

Let’s make 2017, the year to LEARN!

Hope your 2017 is going well! It’s been a great 2017 so far! Learning As I continue to develop online YouTube tutorials and Udemy courses, I’ve been learning all about video editing and production in Camtasia. There’s so much to know, so little time! I had no idea it would be so interesting and so

Posted by traininggoddess on December 12, 2016

Season’s Greetings – Thanks for a great year!

At this time of year most technology training slows down unless, of course, a client is looking to use up the last of the training budget. That can be a real bonus if you happen to get hired for it, but it can also create last minute stress at a time when you’re preparing for

Posted by traininggoddess on November 22, 2016

Teachable Summit – Learning from the Experts!

One thing that I’ve learned early being in the training is that a trainer MUST love to learn. So, that’s what I’ve been doing over the past few days (well, really it’s an ongoing process) with the 7 Day Teachable Summit Webinar Training. I’ve had the amazing opportunity to listen to and learn from

Posted by traininggoddess on August 27, 2016

Resources for Trainers

Over the past few weeks and months, as I continue to develop my skills and move into a new career direction – developing online courses and tutorials – I’ve come across some pretty cool online resources that I thought I’d share with my fellow trainers: Online software resources TechSmith products: Camtasia, SnagIt, Free software: Jing

Posted by traininggoddess on August 1, 2016

My LAST video in the Office Integration series! Woo hoo!

Well, here it is…the final video in my Office Integration series: PowerPoint to Excel (and back :-)). This video shares how to use Excel when providing tables with numbers that require calculation – which PowerPoint doesn’t natively do – and then how to return the finished calculations back into PowerPoint. Enjoy!